4 Key Questions to Ask Your Engagement Photographer

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Once you have popped the question and your fiancé has decided to say “yes”, you have lots of plans to make! Just one of the several decisions you’ll need to make in the coming months is the engagement photographer you will choose to capture the photographs that will be sent out to all your friends and family. When finding engagement photographers, there are a few key questions you’ll want to ask before saying “yes” to your engagement photographer.

When finding engagement photographers

  1. What does your schedule look like? A crucial detail to ask any engagement photographer is their schedule, especially if you like their work. While finding someone who is busy is usually a sign of a good photographer, finding someone who is booked solid may mean your photo shoot might be rushed or not on your timeframe.
  2. How can you make our engagement photos reflect our unique relationship? There are some engagement photographers who do certain poses really well. So well, in fact, that they use them with every couple they shoot. Find an engagement photographer who can incorporate a little more of what makes your love unique into your pictures.
  3. Are you able to work in inclement weather? Many engagement photographers are able to work with bad weather, but some aren’t. Ask to see some examples of pictures they were able to make great in spite of bad weather. 
  4. Where would you take our engagement pictures? Finding out where your photographer has access to can determine the clothing you’ll wear, your hairstyle, and many other details of your shoot.

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