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 Bridal photography sessions are a tradition that many brides choose to honorBridal photography sessions are a tradition that many brides choose to honor. While there are lots of different types of brides out there, many choose to have a bridal photography session regardless of their ties to other traditions. If you are a bride who is on the fence about bridal photography sessions, here are a few reasons why you should give go ahead and book yours.

  • More relaxed– Bridal photography sessions are often far more relaxed than the pictures you will get on your wedding day. On your actual wedding day, you won’t have a lot of free time to stop and try some creative poses, but with bridal photography sessions, you can take your time and enjoy the experience.
  • Useful practice- While you might have every detail planned for your wedding ensemble, including the accessories, a bridal photography session is a great way to practice what you’ll be wearing and make adjustments if needed. You’ll be able to give your clothing, hair, makeup, and even a bouquet a test run to see how things would go on your wedding day.
  • Location freedom– On your wedding day, your photographs will be limited to one or two locations. With bridal photography sessions, you can choose your session to be located almost anywhere! Pictures taken in unexpected locations can end up being some of your favorites and bring an artistic flair to your bridal portraits.

Here at JP Photography, we recommend that brides schedule their bridal photography 3-6 weeks before their wedding date. This gives them the opportunity to finalize details while still giving skilled photographers a chance to edit and touch up photos in time to display at the wedding. For more information about bridal photography, please contact us today.